HomeGenie – Why and What?

Home Maintenance industry is without a doubt broken in most parts of the world.

This is one industry which has not changed much since its very inception, centuries ago. There are many reasons for that, especially low entry barrier, lack of professional standards, low technology adoption rates and many more. Also, more than the truck and the tools, the Home Maintenance industry is a people business and requires continuous incentive for professionals to improve their customer service capability, which has been non-existent.

In the Middle East, however, the challenges are even more unique with the professionals being part of the transient population. It is not unheard of that your favourite plumber or gardener that you relied on for many months has suddenly gone missing only to be found out that he has left for his home country for 3 months, leaving you hanging. There is also no way to verify the skills and experience of these home maintenance professionals, or tradesmen, coming in from different parts of the world.

HomeGenie was created to connect vetted Home Maintenance professionals with the right skill and experience, to their customers’ needs. We built a platform to ensure easy availability of professionals and created the right incentive structure to ensure a sustainable focus on customer satisfaction while keeping a check on pricing. We want the Home Maintenance experience to be simple, reliable and affordable.

  • We know the professionals. Maintenance is a craft and it depends on the individual. We therefore rate the actual professional and not just stop at company level rating. This requires effort, however, provides our customers with a very high degree of confidence on whether we are sending the right person for the job and not just someone who was sitting idle, at the office.
  • We’re local. We research and develop a list of issues commonly occurring and then hunt tirelessly for experts and solutions available in your market locally. This means we are close to our customers’ needs and the professional market, far better than our competitors.
  • We do the hard work. Our booking engine enables selection of the suitably qualified professional to do the job shared by our customers, taking full responsibility. We don’t leave our customers high and dry by bringing them to our website and then making them choose their provider, from a list of unknown companies – essentially exposing them to the same issue we set out to solve.
  • We’re focused. We don’t claim to know everything. However, dull it may sound but we dream, eat and live Home Maintenance and not catering, photography, pet walking, etc. We therefore know the Home Maintenance market, the best!
  • We love technology. We know your love for your technology – your mobiles and your tablets and we want this technology to enable a seamless Home Maintenance experience for our customers. The platform we have built is by far the most advanced platform in our space, and we continue to make improvements to improve usage.
  • Believe it or not, we’re frugal! Lastly, we are frugal and don’t burn cash on big billboards and slick marketing campaigns. We believe in passing this cost benefit to our customers – period!

We at HomeGenie are guided by the following company core-values which we believe will differentiate us in the market.

HomeGenie – Core Values!

  • Relentless customer service
  • Trusted long-term partnerships
  • Value based strategic alliances
  • Open and transparent approach
  • Continuous innovation culture
  • Responsibility towards society

Once again, we are for our customers – Book Now!

Team HomeGenie

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