How to get large trees pruned in your garden?

How To Get Large Trees Pruned In Your Garden?

It is difficult to maintain large trees in a backyard garden. In Dubai, big trees like Damas can cause great damage to electrical wires, boundary walls, underground pipes, drains etc. Pruning is a regular task and early spring is the best choice to prune a tree. Here is the quick start guide on how to get the large trees pruned.

Dip pruner in the bleach solution

Pruning is a tough process. But before you start, always dip your pruner in a 10 percent bleach solution. This process will block the transfer of the diseases if you have used the same pruner for cutting other trees earlier. You must do this process even after the pruning to disinfect the pruner.

Use quality tree pruning tools

Always use good quality sharpened pruning tools like loppers for medium branches, secateurs for smaller branches and saws for large branches and a tree trimmer for trimming. Perfect use of machinery ensures proper pruning in less time with less energy.

Divide the number of cuts and plan

When you plan the number of cuts it becomes easier to execute. Large branches usually need three cuts whereas smaller or tiny can be cut in one go. While cutting the big-sized branches, do the first cut at 45 cm away from the trunk and the second cut should be at 2.5cm out from the same branch. The third cut is made outside the collar of the branch and is done from the top down. It removes the branch entirely from the stem leaving a protective layer of the tissue.

Prune when they are young

Pruning trees when they are young makes the process easy. A tree, when bought from a nursery, doesn’t need to be pruned in the first year. In the later years, it should be pruned regularly. Once you neglect the tree, it becomes difficult to prune and you need to hire professionals for the task.

Prune the branches carefully

Branches that are rubbing against each other should be pruned. The branch growing towards the interior of the tree also should be removed. The angle between the branch and the main trunk should be minimum of 45 degrees and anything lesser than this should be pruned. Also, prune the branches which are growing back to the trunk.

These few tree pruning tips and techniques will simplify your work and also keep the plants healthy making then look beautiful than before. Avail a professional garden maintenance and landscaping company, Dubai which is good at tree removal, trimming and pruning work.

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