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5 Tips to Increase AC Life

With rising global temperature and an increasing humidity, the AC is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances in your Dubai home. However, in such extreme weather conditions, we tend to overuse our AC a lot. Replacing an AC unit in an apartment or villa maybe required every 3-5 years depending usage. However with regular maintenance and sensible usage its possible to prolong the life of an AC unit with a minimum loss of cooling effectiveness. 


If you live in an apartment that DOES NOT have a centralized AC chiller, then it most likely that you will have AC motors installed within the apartment. In general the number of AC motors can be determined by the number of AC thermostats installed. Its important to have your AC motor serviced every 4 months. Your AC technician may also recommend a gas top up during this process. A well maintained AC motor will not only last longer, but it will also save you on your electricity bill.

Duct cleaning and checking air filters 

The air filter is the part of your AC that filters the outside air from dust and debris. Air filters frequently get clogged with dust which overworks the AC as it requires more power to suck in air. A clogged air filter will also significantly reduce cooling and AC water leaks. Frequently changing and cleaning your air filter ensures that your AC lasts longer, cools better and saves your money. The common service package offered by Dubai AC technicians is – ‘AC duct cleaning’ which is recommended every 4 months or when moving into a new apartment.

If the problem isn’t in your filter, then it is probably in the air flow system. Dust stuck in the ducts, and a rusted drain pipe can harm other components inside the AC and cause water leaks. Dust in the ducts will force the air handler to work extra hard and consume more power. Where possible your AC technician will recommend ‘chemical duct cleaning’ which is a process where the entire duct system is sanitized


An easy way to ensure that you don’t overuse your AC and reduce your electricity bill is to operate the AC under an energy saving thermostat setting. Turning up the temperature at night or when there is no one at home will further reduce your electricity consumption. A digital programmable thermostat can do this. Generally, it is advised to run the AC in between the temperatures of 20 and 24 degree Celsius to give you the best cooling while using the least power. Sometimes, placement of the thermostat away from the window and the AC unknit can also help reduce power usage by the AC.

Buying an AC 

If you are purchasing an AC unit for your villa or apartment- its important to first purchase the correct type of unit to match the warm weather conditions in the UAE. AC units by few manufacturers last longer than others, and it is a good idea to do the proper research before buying an AC. When purchasing an AC, it is important to get one that has high efficiency. The features like two stage compressors and variable speed drives save you on power and put less stress on your AC. They are also built with better efficiency and have less wear and tear on their parts. After purchasing your AC, having it properly installed is also key to retaining the efficiency of it. A qualified contractor can install your AC properly. They can also suggest how frequently you must service your AC.

Other tips 

When using an AC, keep the blinds and windows closed. This can go a long way in blocking the Sun’s warmth and retaining cool air which prevents the AC unit from using up more power. The humidity setting in an AC also utilizes a lot of power. When not required during  the summer, it is advised to keep it switched off. This prevents the AC from using more power and helps it last longer.


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