5 common AC installation mistakes

5 Common AC installation mistakes that should avoid

An AC can be expensive to buy and get installed in Dubai, however, customers should do some research, before purchasing one, to find out best AC that lasts for a long time. Even after you buy the best AC, if not installed properly you will not be able to get the desired results. Working of an Air Conditioner will mostly depend on its installation. Whether the air conditioning installation is done by yourself or by the technicians there are some mistakes that should avoid. Let’s explore the 5 common AC installation mistakes that should avoid.

Faulty duct installation

If the air conditioning duct installation team don’t install the air ducts properly it may cause inconsistent room temperature, leaks, noise, and finally increase in the energy bills. You can also observe the lack of airflow with faulty duct installation or if ducts are improperly sized. So, always make sure that your technician is an expert.

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Improper drainage

Even though it seems that installation of your home AC unit is done perfectly you can find the imperfections using some basic checks which some technicians tend to ignore, however, it leads to improper functioning of AC later. The common installation mistake is poorly designed drain system, because of which the wastewater from the AC does not drain properly. If the drainage system is improperly installed there will be a leakage that may damage your walls or false ceiling. 

Installing refrigerant pipes that are too long

The other common AC installation mistake is to use the refrigerant pipes that are too long. These pipes should always be in optimal sizes. If the pipes installed were too long it will be difficult for the air conditioner to complete the cooling cycle. Due to this, the compressor will wear down itself by draining energy.

Wrong sized equipment

The air conditioning installers will place the wrong sized heating or cooling equipment without measuring the sizes or capacity while installing a new air conditioner. Bigger is not always better. If the equipment is too large they will often on-off, use more energy, can’t produce the desired temperature, humidity and moisture issues are not handled properly because of poor steady state of operation.

Improper electrical connections

Technicians who are not much experienced will complete the AC unit installation with improper electrical connections. This not only damages the air conditioning unit but it is also risky and dangerous.  For an ac to run perfectly it should be grounded and connected to the right power supply.

Air condition installation although sounds simple it requires a lot of experience. Don’t burn a hole in your pocket by hiring a wrong technician. To avoid AC installation issues and for complete peace of mind always get your services from a professional AC maintenance company that provide better services in Dubai.

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