reasons behind air conditioner water leakage

10 Reasons behind air conditioner water leakage

Leakage occurs in almost every wet appliance you use in your daily life. You can also observe this in an Air Conditioner (AC) too. When you observe that your AC unit leaking water a quick action should be taken before it turns into a costly repair. This leakage not only damages the performance of AC but also spoils the appearance of your home. Here are the 10 reasons behind air conditioner water leakage.

Filter needs cleaning

The air filter in your AC unit is the most neglected aspect which needs cleaning regularly. When the dirt forms on an air filter, the required amount of airflow cannot hit the evaporator coil which causes it to freeze. When the excess water falls the drain pan may not be able to hold the water and this causes AC unit to leak.

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Condensate pump is broken

The foremost reason behind AC unit leaking is the broken condenser pump. To test this, pour some water into the condenser pan, and if it is not able to pump the excess water out then check for the electric supply. If that is also good, then the pump is broken and it needs to be fixed.

Drain line is choked

The air conditioner unit drain line may sometime get clogged due to dirt or debris. In such a case, you just need to clean it to fix the air conditioner leaking

AC is not properly installed

The reason for home AC leak can be the installation too. If the AC technician did not install the AC unit properly it may result in periodic AC leakage problems.

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Leakage in AC condenser coil

AC leaking can be due to the leakage in the condenser coil. Due to the blockage in the filter, condenser coil may freeze and on melting, the excess water may start to leak.

Overflow pan is damaged

A damaged pan can also be the reason for AC leaking water. When the evaporator coil catches dirt and is not attended on time, it moves the dirty water on to the pan which will again damage the pan too. The pan won’t be able to handle the water the spills it outside.

Cold outside weather

When the outside weather turns out cold, the AC will release excess water. This means your AC leaking water inside and it accumulates. If still the temperature doesn’t come down, the water may start falling outside too.

Air leakage

When the seals become bad or loose, the warm air entering the AC unit and condensing with the cold air creates moisture and AC water leakage will be the result. The efficiency of seals may also affect the efficiency of the unit, hence they should be taken care.

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Excessive pressure on the vents

Excessive pressure is caused when the vents get blocked and cause the unit to leak water. Ensure that there are no closed AC vents in the room to avoid excess pressure.

AC seals are bad

If the AC seals are not fitted properly it will allow an excess of hot air to enter. When the warm air hits the cold air in the unit, it will create moisture and water will start forming which may leak out from the unit.

Fixing AC leakage is not an easy process and requires much experience. Don’t put your AC unit in the hands of technicians who are not professional and experienced. As AC is much expensive you should always approach a professional air conditioner maintenance company to deal with the issues.

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