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10 Best front yard landscaping ideas

The front yard of your home reflects your style and attitude, right at the entrance to your abode.  A well designed and maintained front yard catches the attention of people and makes your home stand out from the other houses in the neighborhood. Mostly some creative landscaping is used for front yards as it gives a warm welcome to your guests. We have compiled a list of 10 best front yard landscaping ideas which are economical to accomplish and easy to maintain.

Walkways with flower tufts

It is a best front garden idea to decorate the walkway with the edge flower tufts. Floral walkways give the garden a fresh ambiance.

Green carpet grass with floor lighting

Carpet grass will always make the front garden design more beautiful. The grass carpet can be placed in a particular sequel along with floor lightings which will brighten the area during evenings.

Minimalist look with some painting and a tree

If your front garden design is not green and flowery, then you can place a minimalist painting with some trees in a pot. This gives a scenic beauty to the area.

Lush green walkways with creepers

Creepers don’t just make the lushes green but they also give a soothing look across the walkways. Stone-paved walkways with creepers alongside with or without flowers brings a great style to your front landscape.

Some water feature at the entrance

Depending upon the available space in the front-side, you can place the water feature like a small pond, waterfall, or water fountain. This brings cool effect to the landscape.

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Modern and contemporary brickwork on floor

Brickwork will give a traditional appearance, but it always remains in trend. You can create modern and contemporary brickwork on the floor according to the landscape design.

Use of pebbles and stone patterns

Pebbles are easy to decorate and you can do a lot with them. By using colored pebbles a specific color scheme can be designed or even white and black pebbles can make the landscape beautiful.

Big pots with bonsai plant

Bonsai will take time but you can also buy them in their developed form. When placed in big pots, they give a tree-like appearance to the landscape design.

Some fencing and wooden entrance gate

By creating fencing along with wooden entrance gate you can create a country-side design to your front landscape.

Pergola at the entrance

Pergolas are beautiful decoratives, especially for landscapes. They can be made of wood or iron bars and can be colored in woody patterns to create a natural look. Different contemporary and modern looks can be created using these pergolas.

Every house is different and therefore, the front yard garden landscape ideas should also be different. Depending on the area, exposure to the sunlight, soil, weather conditions, and other factors, landscaping should be planned. There are many professional landscaping or gardening companies which guide you with better ideas and provide best services. Make sure that the company you have chosen will not cost an arm and leg and has well-experienced landscape gardeners.

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