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Air Conditioner Noise Repair Services In Dubai

Is your AC sound loud enough to disrupt your sleep? AC making noise is a common problem with AC units and easily fixable. Air conditioner noise not only causes inconvenience and disturbance but may also be a sign of some part needing repair or replacement. So whenever there is a rattle, a vibration or the inside unit of the AC making loud noise, it should not be ignored. You must book a service to get your AC noise repair issue sorted out. Download the free HomeGenie app for Android and iOS and a professionally trained technician will reach your home at a date and time convenient to you. AC noise repair is an inspection based service, which means that when the team arrives there will be an inspection followed by a diagnosis of the issue on-site. All minor repairs that can be done within an hour will be carried out on the spot, while major issues that require the machine to be opened up and parts purchased will be done at another date after working on a bill estimation and getting the necessary material ready. AC loud noise reasons could range from a malfunctioning compressor, missing or damaged isolation feet, frozen AC unit to loose grills and other loose internal parts. Whatever the cause, our team of technicians is fully trained to deal with all issues, small and big. After the service, there is testing of the machine, a demo, and even a post-service clean-up. They are also prompt and trustworthy. HomeGenie further raises the bar with its competitive, affordable and fair rates. Rest assured, you can expect high-quality work done by a reliable team.

Given the inconvenience and disturbance a noisy machine can cause, it is best that you get it fixed as soon as possible. Also, since a rattle is usually an indication of a fault, addressing the problem soon is what you should do. As such, HomeGenie offers Emergency and Same Day facilities for its AC noise repair service. The Emergency service will ensure that a technician reaches your home within 2 hours of your booking. This service is charged extra. If you are not keen to pay extra, try out the Same Day service. This one will place a tech at your home before 6 PM that day, provided you booked between 8 AM and 12 PM.

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Service Details

What’s included:

  • Inspection visit to the location
  • Diagnosis of the issue on site
  • For minor repair – work that can be completed within 1 hour
  • For major repair – bill estimation, agreement on service date and purchase of parts and complete work
  • Testing and demo; and
  • Post service cleanup.


  • - Customer to assist in getting access to community and service location, and Electricity and water connection to be active.



Price Details

Inspection Based Service

  • Minimum call-out* charges AED 150
  • Additional charges as per bill estimate.
  • *Call-out charges applicable for inspection based services only, includes travel cost plus 1 hour of labor required to diagnose the issue, perform minor repairs, if time permits or provide a detailed bill estimate for a major repair.


  • Additional charges apply for Emergency and Friday bookings, based on availability and permissions from community/ building, as confirmed by the customer. VAT charges are not included and are based on the total invoice amount.



As provided in the bill estimate.

For more details, visit HomeGenie Warranty Policy

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AC Noise Repair Estimate Repair Cost In Dubai

Issue Possible Reasons Estimate Service Price (Inspection Based)
Banging noise Loose or broken part inside the air conditioning compressor or indoor blower is unbalanced. AED 250 - AED 5000
Clicking noise Defective control or a failing thermostat or other electrical issues. AED 150 - AED 1000
Buzzing noise Loose parts, debris in either the indoor or outdoor unit, outdoor fan motor is loose, fan blades are loose or out of balance, condenser coil needs to be cleaned, air filter needs to be changed, blower is going bad or out of balance, etc. AED 250 - AED 2500
Squealing noise Blower and fan noises, outdoor fan motors and indoor blower motors going bad, blower wheel and housing malfunction. AED 500 - AED 1500
Humming Loose parts and refrigerant piping can cause vibration, compressor hums and refuses to start, there may be an issue with the motor, other electrical problem AED 500 - AED 5000
Clanking Loose or out-of-balance part inside the sealed unit have likely failed, compressor itself may have become loose, possibly necessitating a replacement. This sound can also mean that the indoor blower or outdoor fan and its blades are out of balance and hitting other parts. AED 250 - AED 2500
Chattering Loose parts, twigs or leaves that have clogged your system, fan, which rattles when loose, or loose screws or bolts in the unit’s casing, clean condenser coils and change your indoor air filter. AED 150 - AED 2500
Screaming Refrigerant leak or high internal pressure within the compressor AED 150 - AED 2500

*Emergency or Same Day Service are available.
*Actual prices may vary depending upon the issue, condition, type, etc. of the AC and is not solely dependent on the information provided by the customer choose at the time of booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some common causes a noisy AC ?

Common causes of AC being noisy in Dubai and UAE are malfunctioning compressor, missing or damaged isolation feet, frozen AC unit, loose grills and other loose internal parts.

What brands of ACs can we repair at HomeGenie?

We repair most well-known brands of AC sold and used in Dubai and UAE. This includes Samsung, LG, Haier, Nikki, Daewoo, Super General, Hitachi, Bosch, Siemens and more.

How long does it take to fix the noise issue in an AC ?

Depending on the inspection, a AC can take between an hour or weeks to repair. If it is a minor issue e.g. gas topup or capacitor, then the inspection and repair can be managed in the same visit, however, on other occasions, it might take longer as parts need to be ordered. Spare parts for most well-known brands are available quickly, however, sometimes it has to be ordered from another country and can take up to a few weeks.

What kind of spare parts would be used in case something needs replacement ?

At HomeGenie, we only use genuine spare parts available from the original manufacturer or official distributor only. The warranty on these spare parts provided by the manufacturer may vary and are extended to the customer as is. Spare parts for latest brands are usually available within the same day but with lesser known brands or older models, they are difficult to find and might require time.

How do I know how many AC units are installed in my home ?

To determine the number of units installed at your home, count the number of AC controllers installed on the walls of your home and that will be the number of AC units installed.

What are some precautions I should take to avoid AC noise issues?

1. Ensure the internal AC filters are cleaned or changed regularly.

2. The indoor vents are kept clean and that they cover the require space and dont' necessarily focus on a particular area

3. The AC cooling is not set to too low all the time as it put uncessary pressure on the compressor.

4.The external unit of the AC should be kept well ventilated and clean so periodic check and cleaning is needed.

5. THe electrical connections on the external unit should be check periodically to avoid sudden breakdowns.

We strongly recommend a preventive AC service atleast once a quarter.

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