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Air Conditioning Repair in Dubai

AC maintenance is a service that should top the annual maintenance list of every home owner or tenant in Dubai or UAE. Air conditioner maintenance in Dubai, a city that reels under extreme heat, is considered essential. After all, a machine will function at its optimum level only when it is well maintained and taken care of. This is where air conditioning maintenance companies in UAE enter the picture. Book your date with AC maintenance services through HomeGenie, through a call or  the free app for Android and iOS phones. Once you get in touch with us, we will send a team of fully trained technicians to your home at a day and time suitable to you. Our professionals work at affordable, competitive, and fair rates and are known to be punctual and efficient. Many of our AC maintenance repair services are inspection based, which means that before the service, a team will need to visit the customer location to inspect and diagnose the issue and then revert with a cost estimate for the job. Some standard AC services like AC preventive service, AC duct cleaning, AC coil cleaning, AC installation, etc.  are fixed priced services, and the remaining ones are free survey based services where an estimate can be provided based on information provided via call, message, or email. 

HomeGenie also offers Emergency and Same Day services for times when your maintenance issue is urgent. Our Emergency service will have an AC maintenance company in Dubai at your doorstep, at a small charge, within 2 hours of your booking. The Same Day service will have your HVAC maintenance issues looked into any time before 6 PM that day, provided you booked between 8 AM and 12 PM. Book your AC maintenance service with HomeGenie now! 

Call us on +97144489595 or Download the HomeGenie iOS or Android app now!

AC cooling repair

Never compromise on the cooling level in your home. Get your AC repair and service with HomeGenie – free download, easy to book, trustworthy technicians and prompt service.

AC noise repair

Get rid of that rattling air conditioner noise and sleep well again. Call the techs at HomeGenie for high quality AC noise repair work.

AC digital thermostat installation

AC thermostat installation overdue and too busy for a DIY? Book a digital air conditioner thermostat installation service with HomeGenie to save your electricity bills.

AC thermostat repair

A malfunctioning thermostat is enough to throw your entire life out of gear. Call an AC thermostat repair service to bring the balance back into your home!

AC coil cleaning

Our fully trained technicians offer great AC coil cleaning services. We put you in touch with professional AC coil cleaners for a prompt, efficient and high quality job.

AC leakage repair

AC gas leakage or AC water leakage bothering you? Let HomeGenie put you in touch with AC maintenance and service companies in Dubai for efficient repairs with no complaints

AC duct cleaning

It’s never been simpler to book AC duct cleaning services in Dubai – air conditioning duct cleaning is essential, and with HomeGenie, only the click of a button away.

AC tripping repair

Is your AC tripping quite often? Get it checked by HomeGenie before it's damages your AC unit or even cause a fire

AC service (preventive)

Air conditioning service is essential in Dubai – considering the high temperatures, it is important to have a home AC service done on a regular basis.

Other specialized job - central AC ducting, etc.

Wondering how to get that AC related custom job done? HomeGenie is your one stop shop for HVAC contracting or ducting companies in Dubai.

New split AC unit installation

Book a professional AC installation service in Dubai at the touch of a button whether it is a window or split AC that you have bought from the market.

New ducted AC unit installation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What brands of ACs that we can repair at HomeGenie?

A. We repair most well-known brands of ACs sold and used in Dubai and UAE.

Q.How long does it take to fix an AC if it breaks down?

A. Depending on the inspection, an AC can take between an hour or weeks to repair. Mostly the inspection and repair can be managed in the same visit, however, on some occasions, parts need to be ordered. With HomeGenie, spare parts for most well-known brands are available quickly, however, sometimes it has to be ordered from another country and can take up to a few weeks.

Q.What kind of AC spare parts would be used in case something needs replacement?

A. At HomeGenie, we only use genuine spare parts available from the original AC manufacturer or its official distributor. The warranty on these spare parts provided by the manufacturer may vary and are extended the warranty to the customer as is. Spare parts for the latest brands are usually available within the same day but with lesser-known brands or older models, they are difficult to find and might require time. With our market positioning, we are generally able to source parts faster than most other suppliers.

Q.How do I know how many AC units are installed in my home?

A. To determine the number of units installed at your home, count the number of AC controllers installed on the walls of your home and that will be the number of AC units installed.

Q. What are some precautions I should take to avoid ACs from a breakdown?

A. Generally, ACs are used extensively in Summer due to the extreme weather conditions in Dubai and UAE, and taking care of them on a regular basis can avoid surprise breakdowns before an event planned at home or on other occasions.

  1. Read AC related instructions to check usage limits, especially the compressor.
  2. Keep AC clean from inside and outside, however, with prescribed cleaning agents, to avoid corrosion.
  3. Don't keep the AC at very low temperature as it might keep the compressor on throughout the day.
  4. Don't keep the AC switched off for a very long time. If you are going on holiday keep at higher temperatures like 27 degrees C.
  5. If any unusual noise is heard then call a professional, without delay, before the damage becomes worse.

We strongly recommend a preventive AC service once in a quarter at the least.

Q. What other AC related services do we provide?

A. We provide all types of services related to the AC whether be it a new installation or removal or replacement of an existing unit.

COVID19 precautions at HomeGenie

The safety and protection of our customers and Genies (service experts) is a top priority at HomeGenie. We make it a point to adhere to the standards of the ‘new normal’ by following the safety guidelines laid down by the health authorities in the UAE and those prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO). In our effort to deliver home maintenance and other essential services to residents safely we follow the precautions outlined at COVID19 precautions at HomeGenie. We are happy to answer any queries you may have on [email protected]

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